Friday, September 06, 2002

Burgled! This has been a terrible week.First an accident while getting to a wedding at my grand parents home town.

Yesterday morning, my office's fire door was hacked into and the glass door crow-barred. But the thieving fuckers did not take anything.


First suspect that came to mind was a guy who owes us some exhorbitant amount of money. An acquaintance asked for the money from him last week and the "discussion" did get a little heated. But he never really threatened to do anything...

Maybe, with an optimistic note, it was a petty thief. And the sound of my alarm did scare him off. I do recall being in a pseudo state of a heart arrest the first time I heard the siren blasting in the office.

But pessimism ruled me yesterday. If he was a petty thief why not just snatch a monitor or my PC on the way out? Or even recci the office upstairs? They certainly had an easier lock to pick. Besides, my signage did not offer any tell tales of what business I was in. But the guys upstairs are LAND DEVELOPERS.

Maybe it was the bastard. No way of knowing.

Plus the traffic cops fined me RM300 for that little incident. And I was the one that got hit. The reason? "For not giving way to a vehicle travelling in the right of way".

But what if I did not see him as I did the customary look right-look left-before-you-cross? And he did hit into my rear right tyre. Coppers told me that there was no way that they could determine how fast the other car travelled. Bullshit. Next time maybe I should tell him how to do their job. Measure the braking skid marks, idiots!

What a bad week...

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

OK it works. A little tweak here and there with the settings and the template HTML and we're off.

I gather that tweaking the template is one of the many procrastinations that the blogger will face. I might as well get into it!

OK I was supposed to start on the 30th August. Somehow after I have type a fair bit and posted it, I couldn't submit my blog. It returned with some error.

The worse part is that whatever I wrote was lost and I just could not bother typing it all over again...

Let's see if this works.